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This page mainly shows the latest trend of the offshore RMB market and economic analysis related to China.

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Monthly averaged rate  until May-2017(  ) "Offshore Forex Level" as of Today
CNY/JPY    (16.33) USD/CNY    (6.8555) EUR/CNY    (7.6656)
*Monthly averaged rate calculated on the exchange quotation announced by BTMU (Tokyo)


[ BTMU China Weekly ]

GDP grows 6.9% in the first quarter—investment, production, and consumption growth accelerates in March

CHINA BIWEEKLY May 19th 2017

March 2017: Exports rise 16.4% YoY and imports grow 20.3% YoY


February trade statistics show a trade deficit for the first time in three years

CHINA BIWEEKLY April 12th 2017

Volume of port freight handled increases 3.2% YoY in 2016

CHINA BIWEEKLY March 29th 2017

New RMB loans for January decreased RMB 475.1 Bn YoY and increased RMB 990 Bn from the previous month to RMB 2.03 Tn

CHINA BIWEEKLY March 16th 2017

Main economic indicators in 2016: GDP growth +6.7%

CHINA BIWEEKLY February 16th 2017

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[ BTMU China Monthly ]

Introduction of Joint Disciplinary to Customs Discredited Enterprises

News Focus #8 2017

China Promotes Electronic Business Registration Reform

News Focus #9 2017

Abolishment of remittance regulation in Shanghai and Beijing

BTMU Monthly RMB April 2017

China Implements Foreigner Work Permit Scheme Nationwide

News Focus #7 2017

China Launches 7 New Free Trade Zones

News Focus #6 2017

SAFE Tightened Evidence Check Requirements on Import Payment

News Focus #5 2017

Concessionary Tax Regime to Boost Aircraft Leasing Industry in Hong Kong

News Focus #4 2017

Japanese regional banks connected to CIPS network

BTMU Monthly RMB March 2017

Shanghai Encourages Establishment of Regional Headquarters by Multinational Corporations

News Focus #3 2017

Monthly RMB trade settlements declined in January 2017

BTMU Monthly RMB February 2017

Further Promote Reform on Foreign Exchange Administration

News Focus #2 2017

Doubled Foreign Debt Quota for Cross-border Financing

News Focus #1 2017

Restrictions on Foreign Investment to be Eased and Clarified

News Focus #19 2016

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[ Short-mid term Outlook for the Chinese Economy and Effects on Industries ]

Short-Mid Term Outlook for the Chinese Economy and Effects on Industries edited by The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Corporate Research Division

2013 4Q Review edition

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